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About CPD Institute:

Frequent Questions:

Are all the courses for builders pre-approved by BC Housing?

Yes, they are all pre-approved.


Are all the courses for architects pre-approved by AIBC?

Yes, they are all pre-approved.


Are all the courses for interior designerss pre-approved by IDCEC?

Yes, they are all pre-approved.


Are all the courses for professional engineers & geoscientists eligable for CPD creidits?


Can I become an agent or empolyee of CPD Institute?  

Yes, you or your family member can work as a certified agent of CPD Institute (at your home base office), get great income, we also provide free training; please contact 7783710708 for detail


CPD Institute's Mission:

To provide professionals such as builders, architects, interior designers, engineers, geoscientists and realtors with our pre-approved continuing professional development (CPD) courses for them to continually update, enhance and accelerate their skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent. ​

CPD Institute's Office hour:

9:300-17:30 (Pacific Time)


CPD Institute's Contact Info:


Email: info@visacpd.com

Website: www.visacpd.com


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