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Option 1: An introduction to single house project management 

(20 Group A Points, 1 Group B Point)

Option 2: Safe work practice and marketing skill

(12.45 Group A Points, 8.05 Group B Points)

Option 3: A to Z of construction project management

(9 Group A Points, 12 Group B Points)

The Most Popular C

The Most Popular CPD Courses

About Customer Service Skill and Marketing Skill for Builders, 10.5 CPD 

Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading-Landscaping, 3CPD 

Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading-Structural Part, 3 CPD 

Construction Budget, 3 CPD 

Construction Contract and Builders lien , 2.5 CPD

Safe Work Practice for House Construction, 10 CPD

Seismic Design Basics, 3CPD

Earn 20 CPD during your vacation at our cruise tour or fishing camp or other camps


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