Popular Immigration Consultant's Online Courses

A Set of Useful Skills That An Immigration Consultant Should Know- Online, 9 Hours

Good Customer Service- Online, 4 Hours

Successful Leadership- Online, 1 Hour

Construction Related Online Courses That Immigration Consultants Might Be Interested in

A to Z of Construction Project Management- Online, 21 Hours

An Introduction to Single House Project Management- Online, 21 Hours

Design and Build -Online, 12 Hours

Safe Work Practices for House Construction- Online, 10 Hours

Building System and Construction-Series 1-Online, 10 Hours

Building System and Construction-Series 2 -Online, 10 Hours

Construction Process and Safety-Online, 9 Hours

Project Cost, Process and Development - Online, 6 Hours

Construction Health and Safety-Online, 6 Hours

Construction Process - Online, 5.5 Hours

General Project Process and Development - Online, 3.5 Hours

 The Design and Construction-Online, 3 Hours 

Seismic Design Basis- Online, 3 Hours

Building Code and BluePrint Reading-Series 1 - Online, 3 Hours

Construction Cost Estimation- Online, 3 Hours

Project Cost - Online, 2 Hours

Safe Work Requirement - Online, 2 Hours

Building System and Construction-Series 3 -Online, 10 Hours

Any combination of the above courses to reach a sum of 20 hours will be discounted to$399

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Building System and Fundamentals - Online, 10 Hours

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