Proof of course completion

Upon completion of the online course, participants will be receiving a certificate of completion for CPD. An additional qualification (core competency) training certificate will be provided to those individuals who successfully complete the final exam with a minimum passing grade of 70%.  The exam results will be available and kept electronically in your student profile.

Exam Challenge

Individuals who feel they have proficiency in the subject matter may choose to pay $150 + tax per course and take ours 3rd party proctored qualification (core competency) exam.  Students will not be provided access to any of the course materials in order to prepare for the exam.  The challenge exam was developed specifically for BC Builder Training's course content which aligns with BC Housing's learning outcomes for the subject area.  A minimum of 5 business days notice prior to the exam date is required to schedule an exam.

Third party exam proctoring locations are available throughout the province. Participants will need to make arrangements with a proctor testing location to have the online exam proctored. The cost of the proctor is not included in the cost of the exam challenge. Participants will need to pay the proctor directly for their services. Please click here to see the list of the current approved proctoring locations.  

Exam challenge participants will only be given one opportunity to pass the exam with a minimum passing grade of 70% or greater .  No challenge exam rewrites are permitted.  Individuals who successfully pass an exam challenge will receive a certificate for having successfully completed the exam challenge and a $150 tuition credit towards their next BC Builder qualification (core competency) course registration.  The course credit is valid for 12 months.

BC Housing will not award any CPD credits for an exam challenge.

Once the full qualification (core competency) learning outcomes exam has developed, the challenge exam will be available under the registration tab.  If you'd like us to email you as soon an exam challenge becomes available, please let us know by emailing

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