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With project complexity evolving, more aggressive schedules, tight budgets and development margins/economics, the need to understand, identify and effectively manage risk is essential for owners and developers. The risks in the development process are many, and the early identification of risk and the management of the same are critical to a project’s ultimate success.


We are uniquely qualified to understand, identify and manage risks associated with the entitlement, design, procurement, construction and delivery of projects for the following reasons:

1. Our experience of successful project delivery on a wide variety of often complex projects has resulted in a knowledge and talent base that enables us to be very effective risk managers.

2. The ability to think and plan strategically while meticulously working with every detail facilitates the identification and management of different risks.

3. Our ability to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to problems.

4. We have a track record of being engaged to rescue distressed projects and turning those projects into successes.

5. Our commitment to our client’s interests and focus on minimizing risk and increasing value.


The type of risks are:

1. Entitlement and permitting

2. Method of project delivery

3. Contracts

4. Suitability of the project team

5. Management philosophies and style

6. Tolerance of risk

7. Method of buying the general construction

8. Document quality

9. Market for construction

10. Industry perception and interest in project


The types of services we provide that will mitigate these risks are:

1. Accurate early feasibility estimate

2. Team congruence on understanding project scope

3. Strategic planning and review of alternative means of project delivery

4. Project procedures and project controls.

5. Scheduling and effective cost control

6. Contract development and document control

7. Dispute resolution and mediation/ Litigation support and delay mitigation and analysis

8. Creating a sense of energy, urgency, and a will to succeed.


Weekly Site photos

Project estimating

Bid package preparation

Bid analysis and assist to trade selection

Preparation of Daily Report

Daily Site photos

Critical Path Schedule formulation

Building inspection coordination

Project accounting & Change Order Processing

Coordination with project consultants

Develop management strategy and value engineering


Predevelopment Consulting

Feasibility study, Schematic Stage Cost plan, Design Development Budget

Compare budget benchmarks with (IFC) Construction Document Stage Cost Estimate。

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